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As proud sponsors of AFL Ireland, NexVentur is here to help make your life moves easy. We offer recruitment and relocation services for anyone moving to Ireland or Australia. Book your FREE consultation today!

Recruitment and Relocation

Making the move has never been easier. We offer a comprehensive recruitment and relocation service to help you every step of the way and make your dreams come true.

From landing a job before you leave home to sorting out visas, flights, banking, tax and more... our experienced team will walk you through the entire process.


Australians claim Irish heritage


Km's between Ireland and Australia


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It’s time to get the ball rolling! All our advice services are free. The next step is to book a consultation so we can help you with jobs, visas, flights and more...

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You'll be assigned to your own recruiter and experienced relocation specialists to ensure your unique needs are addressed.

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Through our services we have helped 100s of people make a stress-free move between Ireland and Australia.

We understand

Our team members have all relocated at least once in their lives, so we know what you're going through and can help ease the process.

Jobs network

We have a vast network of clients looking to hire talented people across multiple industries..

Our Services


From construction and healthcare to technology and finance, we have a comprehensive database and listings of job openings and career opportunities all over Australia and Ireland.


Visas and immigration matters can be quite complex. We will jump through the hoops with you and guide you through the red tape and bureaucracy.

Flights Australia Ireland NexVentur

Through our extensive travel network, we have our finger on the pulse when it comes to the best priced airfares, transfers, and routes. You can avail of huge incentives through NexVentur.


Whether it’s for home, car or business, we’ll help you get the best advice and deals on all types of insurance when you arrive in your new country


We work with highly experienced logistics partners who will take the greatest care when it comes to shipping furniture, cars, equipment, and even pets!


Opening a bank account will be one of your first priorities. We can advise you of the best banking deals on the market and our financial advisors can talk you through all your banking options.


Whether you need to regularly transfer money back home or just need to find out more about this service, we can advise and show you the best and most cost-effective ways to transfer funds globally


Sorting our your tax affairs when you make a big move isn't always easy. Allow us to put you in contact with our tax advice partners in Ireland or Australia.


It can be hard getting started in a new country. We can offer you lots of informal advice on everything from the cost of living to the best areas to live in. We can also give guidance on the best clubs to join and other tips that will make life a lot easier in the early days of your move.

Save time and money! We link you to our partner network to make the move easy and hassle-free

NexvVenture move to Ausralia from Ireland

Benefits of our
Service Include

Making a fresh start can be hassle free with the right people by your side. Our team is here to help you make the move with confidence and settle in to your new life ready to hit the ground running.

  • Stress-free end-to-end solutions
  • Relocation and recruitment all in one
  • Proven recruitment expertise
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    How much money do you need to move from Ireland to Australia?

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    If a kangaroo could hop between Ireland and Australia, it would be called Pamela Caldwell-Pim. Originally from Dublin, she’s relocated between the two countries a grand total of four times. Alth...

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    Save on flights plus get free perks

    How do you like the sound of extra luggage free, lounge access, priority boarding? In fact, you could get some really fine treatment for your long-haul flight. NexVentur has partnered with sever...

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    Let’s face it, if your household belongings were worthless to you, you’d skip the cost of hiring a removal company and leave them all behind. Plenty of people move abroad with just a suitcase an...

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    Australia relaxes Working Holiday Visa rules for UK passport holders

    New rules for UK passport holders will make life easier for those looking to travel to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa. The Australian government has announced two important changes to the r...

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  • What you need to know about currency transfer

    Transferring money to Australia or back home again can be a daunting prospect. At first glance there just seems to be so many variables, such as transfer fees and exchange rates which fluctuate ...

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    Join many other Irish working for one of Australia’s leading construction companies

    The Irish-Australian connection runs deep at Diona, one of the leading construction companies in Australia that partners with NexVentur.

    Diona was started in 1980 by Irish couple John and...

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  • NexVentur renews AFL Ireland Sponsorship as the 2023 Premiership kicks off!

    After an exciting 2022 season of the NexVentur AFL Ireland Premiership, we are delighted to announce that NexVentur will be the headline sponsors of season 2023. We have extended our sponsorship...

    AFL Ireland sponsorship by NexVentur recruitment and relocation specialists
    New Irish Connect events in Melbourne help you make friends and find work

    Have you just landed in Melbourne and are wondering how to make friends, find work and make connections? We’ve partnered with Galtee Cafe and ...

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  • Aishling Sheridan reveals all on life, work and playing AFLW in Australia

    Former Cavan GAA football star Aishling Sheridan is heading into her fifth season for Collingwood AFL Women’s...

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    Relocating from Australia home to Ireland – Rebecca Golden’s story

    Meet Rebecca Golden, the EHS lead at MCi in Manorhamilton. After graduating as a civil engineer, she made the move to Australia. Four years later, after gaining a wealth of career and life exper...

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  • How to register as a physiotherapist in Australia when you’ve qualified overseas

    Sari Coakley is an Irish physiotherapist living and working in Australia. She qualified in Ireland, but needed to register in Australia in order to work. This is her story and the route she took...

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    Work for a company that ticks all the boxes and more

    We’re delighted to announce a new recruitment partnership with a prestigious Irish-grown global manufacturer, and are now hiring for several roles, including Manufacturing Technician and Manufac...

    Jobs Ireland County Leitrim
  • Local Lingo – 12 very Irish sayings to get you settled in Ireland

    Knowing a little of the local lingo is a great help when you’re new in a country. These 12 very Irish turns of phrase will ensure “you’ll be grand” in Ireland.

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    Award-winning travel partners for Irish-Australian journeys

    Meet Chris Moloughney, Managing Director and founder of our partner travel agency, Emerald Travel, which recently won a prestigious award for their repatriation service during Covid.

    Travel to Australia with NexVentur
  • How to buy a home in Ireland when you’ve been living abroad

    If you’ve been living abroad and want to get on the property ladder in Ireland, you’ll be forgiven for thinking it’s next to impossible. The good news is there are ways to get a mortgage, even i...

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    482 Temporary Skills Shortage Visas for Australia

    Subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage Visa − Medium-term & Short-term Streams

    The Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa allows employers to sponsor overseas work...

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  • Happy days doing regional work in Australia

    Regional work is a topic that pops up frequently when we’re helping people plan their move to Australia. What is it? How do I get it? Why would I need it?

    Regional work, also called...

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    Australia Construction Careers Day – be part of the most exciting projects on the East Coast

    How would you like to be part of an iconic construction project based in Melbourne? If you’re a construction professional and thinking of moving to Australia in 2023, this event is for you...

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  • Skills shortages in Australia and Ireland: working holidays and migration work both ways

    A partnership has been formed between NexVentur and the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce to address skills shor...

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    Australia Careers Evenings – All you want to know about working holidays and relocating

    So you’re thinking of moving to Australia? If you want to know what are your options for visas, work sponsorships, professional registration, special flight deals, money transfer, tax advi...

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  • Lots to love about relocating to Perth

    With more sunshine than any other capital in Australia, Perth should be on every Irish sunworshipper’s destination list. Living there, you get the best of many worlds:

    • A city vibe s...

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    How to get Australian backpacker and working holiday tax refunds

    How to claim your Australian backpacker tax refund – your questions answered.

    Sweet news for backpackers and travellers on a working holiday visa in Australia – it’...

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  • NexVentur sponsors Aussie Rules Football Ireland Premiership Season 2022

    NexVenture is proud to be the main sponsors of the Australian Rules Football League of Ireland Premiership Season 2022.

    Aussie Rules Footy has really taken off in Ireland in recent years ...

    NexVentur Recruitment sponsors AFL Ireland
    New partner: OFX international currency exchange

    One of the often-daunting aspects of relocating is worrying about money… what to do with it, how to get it out, how to move it, where to put it. So, to solve this pain point, NexVentur has...

    Currency Exchange Ireland Australia OFX Nexventur
  • All you need to know about paying tax in Australia

    When you’re living and working in Australia, you’ll need to meet the country’s tax obligations. If you’re over on a sponsored work permit, working while studying or on a working holiday, it’s go...

    Tax Refunds and Requirements Australia
    Paying tax in Ireland – your questions answered

    Tax laws are like wine varietals – every country has its own take. Paying tax in Ireland has its upside: the revenue service functions very efficiently and there are lots of ways you can b...

    Tax in Ireland NexVentur
  • New partnership with is here to help you save money

    Tax headaches? If even the word tax makes your head throb and your heart sink with dread, then we’ve got exciting news for you. Our new partner is READ MORE

    New partnership cross border tax reclaim
    Join our Open Day with the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce

    We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce to host an Open Day during their Business Delegation in Ireland this June. If you’re looking to relocat...

    Ireland jobs and relocation
  • Partnership with Hastings Insurance

    NexVentur is delighted to announce our latest partnership with Hastings Insurance, one of the leading Insurance Brokers in Ireland.


    Top Tips for Applying for a Visa in Australia

    • Do your research and make informed decisions about the right visa for you. Visit the Department of Home Affairs web...

  • We can Help you Secure a Mortgage in Ireland While Living in Australia

    Whether you are living in Australia for the long term, moving home, or have already made the move back, we can help you get a mortgage to buy a property in Irelan...

    NexVentur Mortgage Service
    Our Partnership with Irish-Australian Chamber of Commerce will Help Make the Move Back to Ireland Stress-free

    We are proud to announce that Nex Ventur has recently undertaken a partnership with the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce. As a key partner in the chamber’s

  • Australian Borders are Reopening and NexVentur is Open for Business

    The Australian government has announced plans to relax its international borders substantially in the coming weeks, meaning NexVentur is ready and waiting to help...

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