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Behaviour Support Practitioner – regional NSW - 4832

Location: New South Wales
Salary: Highly Competitive
Position: Full Time

If you’re a Social Care Worker or Social Worker, this position is a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives and to grow your career and experience while having a wonderful Australian lifestyle just 2 hours out of Sydney. This role also counts as regional work.

Work for one of the biggest healthcare companies in New South Wales. A leading provider of services to people with disability in the Bathurst and Lithgow areas in New South Wales.

Their services include Supported Accommodation, Respite, Drop In Support, Day Programs, Work Training programs, Recreation, Therapy services, Behavioural Intervention and Support Coordination. All of services are designed around individual clients with a focus on increasing independence, self-determination and community participation.

The company supports a wide range of people including children, adults, people who are aging and people from different cultural backgrounds.

They are actively involved in the community where services are based and have established strong local networks with partner organisations, businesses and residents.

Programs equip individuals to respond to life’s challenges and be active members of the community.

About the position

The position of Behaviour Support Practitioner is integral in the achievement of both individual and organisational goals. The Behaviour Support Practitioner supports workers to provide a full range of support in relation to daily living and individual client needs (i.e.) physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural, recreational, vocational and financial to promote quality of life and overall health and well-being to the client. The recognition of the rights of people with a disability is demonstrated in their daily work.

About the Bathurst area

Bathurst is one of the New South Wales’ most beautiful and vibrant cities located just a few hours west of Sydney. It is growing significantly, has almost full employment and a rich goldfields history, spectacular limestone caves plus a year-long programme of events and festivals.

Here are some reasons to live there:

  • Close to Sydney but much lower cost of living
  • Spectacular scenery
  • Thriving social life with many places to eat and drink
  • Counts as regional work
  • Excellent school and university
  • A strong sense of community
  • Diverse job market

Role and Responsibilities

This position is responsible for:

  • Using the clinical frameworks of Applied Behavioural Analysis and Positive Behavioural Support;
  • Work within a multidisciplinary framework to provide a behavioural service in residential, recreational, educational settings to people with disabilities and behaviour that challenges services to meet their needs effectively.
  • Maintaining, developing and providing clinical supervision to staff and stakeholders (when necessary) who support client’s who display behaviours of concern and ensure staff can maintain these practices
  • Provide training to staff to understand restrictive practices.
  • Level of Decision Making and Authority
  • The employee works with a high level of independence and professional discretion under the general supervision of CEO. The work is governed, controlled, and evaluated by acceptable professional practice, policies and regulations.

Reporting Relationships

  • This position’s supervisor CEO
    Other positions reporting to this position Support Workers (as required)
  • Key Specific Responsibilities

Key Result Area 1: Clinical

Key Accountabilities Performance Indicators

  • Maintain, develop and provide clinical supervision to staff and stakeholders (when necessary) who support client’s who display behaviours of concern
  • Provide training to staff to understand restrictive practices
  • To effectively communicate complex information and ideas which influence positive outcomes
  • Conduct behavioural assessments, including functional analyses, and provide interpretations of the results
  • Review Autism behaviour intervention (ABI) strategies to identify systemic issues
  • Liaison with external and internal stakeholders, for referrals
  • To manage highly complex information and sensitive situations involving exposure to distressing, traumatic and emotional material, including exposure to challenging behaviours. Evidence of clinical assessment completed, developed and implemented.
  • Evidence of better outcomes for clients within appropriate timeframes
  • Regular reports presented of systemic issues and actions taken
  • Evidence of regular contact with external stakeholders

Key Result Area 2: Policy & Procedures for Behaviour Support

Key Accountabilities Performance Indicators

  • Annual review of policies and procedures that guide the provision of behaviour support
  • Enhance policy and procedure to reflect best practice in service delivery
  • Behaviour support plans and procedures adhere to and are supported by policy
  • There are systems in place to monitor the use of client’s support plans and provide regular feedback

Key Result Area 3: Communication

Key Accountabilities Performance Indicators

  • Communicate with staff via Deputy & email, house diaries and phone in a timely manner
  • Attend regular house/program area staff meetings, as requested
  • Demonstrated high degree of oral and written communication skills
  • Communicate with immediate supervisor in timely manner
  • Communicate with relevant stakeholders and actively engage with parents, advocates and guardians to encourage and promote best practice in client care
  • Engage with and use a range of communication strategies to develop and foster client’s decision-making process and promote self-determination.
  • Implement client communication systems where relevant
  • To maintain links with clinicians working in similar roles locally and to promote and represent the organisation in relevant forums. Regular communication to Practice Leader and Accommodation Manager within the workplace
  • Attendance at Staff meetings
  • Evidence of file notes and communication notes on any external or internal communications.
  • Effective communication with other team members.
  • Immediate client care and interaction
  • Regular feedback to Supervisor or Coordinator on client concerns or issues.
  • Communication with clients is effective

Key Result Area 4: Record Management/Financial
Key Accountabilities Performance Indicators

  • Ability to maintain confidentiality in terms of the affairs of Vivability, clients, agents and personnel. All confidentiality agreements remain in force during the period of employment
  • Ability to complete comprehensive, strength based and respectful client notes within stated time frames
  • Complete all Vivability documentation required for client care as per policy and procedures
  • Ability to adhere to all Vivability finance policies and procedures
  • Ability to operate within budgetary constraints and make appropriate financial decisions for position
  • Templates developed for ease of recording by external and internal stakeholders for data collection Delivery of client services are provided in line with Vivability policy and procedures, legislative requirements and promote a best practice model
  • Client records, Vivability data bases and files are up to date and complete documentation and file notes promptly
  • Evidence of conducting financial expenditure as appropriate for position

Key Result Area 5: Knowledge, Experience and staff development
Key Accountabilities Performance Indicators

  • Providing professional clinical knowledge to ensure staff have relevant skills to perform the necessary behaviour support duties through training, mentoring and supervision
  • Maintain specific qualifications, relating to discipline and ensure professional membership as appropriate
  • Ensure service level values are consistent with positive behaviour support principles as well as ensuring that values and attitudes held by staff and management promote the norms and patterns of everyday life which are valued in the general community as far as is possible.
  • To contribute to the maintenance of the highest professional standards of practice, through active participation in internal and external CPD training and development programmes.
  • Skilled in the autonomous use of computerised packages for statistical analyses, and the use of word processing and power-point systems Review staff induction and orientation procedures to address client(s) needs and procedures
  • Behaviour support training needs are analysed regularly, and training is provided accordingly

Key Result Area 6: Work Health and Safety
Key Accountabilities Performance Indicators

  • Ensuring that appropriate health and safety standards are maintained and that buildings, grounds and all equipment are suitably maintained to ensure a healthy and safe environment for staff and clients
  • Supervising and implementing any house maintenance
  • Ensure Vivability WHS program for your area of responsibility, provides for the systematic identification of hazards, their risk assessment and control
  • Ensure proper induction and training of staff occurs, so they may work safely
  • Ensure accidents and injuries reported
  • Attend training and information sessions as required relevant to WH&S, policy and procedures. Compliance with Vivability policy and procedures
  • Acts as a role model for WHS awareness and promotes a safe working environment
  • Understands and actively participates in consultation processes
  • Risks and hazards are identified, managed and reported
  • All injuries and illnesses are reported as required by specified time frames

Key Result Area 7: Monitoring and Analysis
Key Accountabilities Performance Indicators

  • Design, implement and train staff on systems to ensure service delivery standards are met
  • Exercise judgment and initiative where procedures are not clearly defined
  • Set priorities and monitor work flow in the area of responsibility
  • Develop, monitor and implement procedures for clients requiring restrictive practices and/or behaviour support
  • Referral procedures to behaviour support are in place and checked regularly to ensure they meet client(s) needs. Systems and process created, reviewed and implemented
  • Evidence of training to staff on providing behaviour support to clients.

Key Result Area 8: Consulting
Key Accountabilities Performance Indicators

  • To provide behavioural advice, guidance and consultation to families, support staff and other professionals contributing directly to peoples’ assessment, analysis and intervention plans within a Positive Behaviour Support Framework.
  • To maintain up to date knowledge of relevant legislation, national and local policies and issues.
  • To be involved, as appropriate, the assessment of clients being considered for admission to disability services.
  • To produce Person Centred Plans in accordance with good practice guidance in this area.
  • To conduct behavioural assessments, including functional analyses, and provide interpretations of the results. Evidence of external client referrals to business streams
  • Assessments conducted and reports prepared in professional and timely manner for external and internal stakeholders

Skills and Requirements

  • A recognised degree in Psychology or vocational qualification or a minimum of 2 years of experience in Clinical Behavioural service.
  • Professional knowledge and understanding of the complexities of autism.
  • Proven ability to develop, mentor and train staff, to write effective positive Behaviour Support plans.
  • Highly developed communication and interpersonal skills, including demonstrated ability to provide expert advice and consultation with staff and other professionals.
  • A sound knowledge of and a capacity to implement systems and positive practices in behaviour intervention
  • Demonstrated ability to complete functional assessments for people with disabilities and with complex needs
  • Ability to advocate and respond to the changing needs of people with disabilities, including liaison with families, guardians and carers.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills including ability to provide the staff with clear sense of direction and inspiring others to perform to the best of their abilities.
  • A Sound knowledge of the National Disability Standards and a commitment to their principles and objectives
  • Current Drivers Licence
  • Current First Aid Certificate

Desirable Criteria

  • Demonstrated experience regarding management of restrictive practices
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Experience providing consulting services


  • Excellent career development opportunities
  • Generous salary package
  • Further Education
  • Sponsorship
  • Work-life balance with low patient to staff ratios

If you are interested or would like to hear more information on this role, email [email protected] with your CV or apply through our link.

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