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Contract Administrator - 1549

Location: Australia
Position: Permanent | Full Time
Salary: Negotiated

Scope & Purpose of the Position

To manage the development, implementation and maintenance of contractual and contract administration procedures and financial reporting systems on the Project(s). Maintain and control all the financial and contractual aspects of the Project(s), including the management of the procurement and administration of all Subcontractor, Suppliers and Consultants.

Responsibility & Authority

  • Reporting to the Project Manager, you will oversee the execution of a range of projects including liaising with customers both before and after order placement
  • Responsibilities shall include, but are not limited to, the following key result areas and tasks.

Skills and Specifications

The Contract Administrator should have:

  • A good level of education including mathematics skills
  • Knowledge of construction methods and materials
  • The ability to interpret plans, specifications and
  • Technical drawings
  • Good people skills
  • Good time management skills
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Leadership skills

Key Commitments / Task Contracts

Budgeting and Financial Reporting

  • Liaise with Project Manager and Commercial Manager to prepare reports against budget including revenue/turnover, gross margin, overheads and costs, and cash flow projection for projects.
  • Coordinate collection of financial reporting information from Project Managers and other Contract Administrators as required. Analyse and compile monthly reports for review
  • Liaise with the Project Manager in reviewing actual results against budget to identify and address variances and re-evaluate forecasts.
  • Report all financial matters to the Project Manager/ Commercial Manager

Contract Administration

  • Review all contracts to understand the rights and obligations of Balmain & Co, including all required notifications/ submissions and time bars
  • Prepare pro-forma subcontracts back-to-back with head contracts.
  • Ensure instigation of required insurances and performance bonds.
  • Set-up of new projects into Cheops
  • Liaise with Project Managers and other Contract Administrators to monitor and manage project related disputes.
  • Maintain library of contracts and sub-contracts, and ensure all contracts and sub-contracts are signed.
  • Coordinate and review major contractual claims
  • Maintain library of bank guarantees for sub-contractors
  • Finalise contract requirements at final completion of project

Contract Management

  • Manage the procurement of all Subcontracts and Consultant Agreements in line with Balmain & Co policy & procedures.
  • Assist in the definition scope for the relevant contract packages.
  • Preparation and collation of tender and contract documents.
  • Ongoing document control
  • Shop drawing coordination
  • Evaluate and critique tender submissions.
  • Administer all contractual and financial aspects of Subcontract packages.
  • Implement a monitoring plan for each contract package to ensure they are completed on time and within budget.
  • Monitor and manage the contract scope change process for each contract package.
  • Monitor and manage the contract time process for each contract package.

Control of Cash

  • Review all invoices. Identify critical invoices for payment.
  • Review and approve Balmain & Co labour timesheets and allocate costs. Identify any Subcontractor back-charges
  • Prepare and compile rolling project cash forecasts.
  • Liaise with Project Manager to coordinate the collection of payments from clients and financiers.

Project Audits

  • Ensure that project records and complete and available for audit.
  • Provide feedback to head office and sites on areas of non-conformance including recommendations for any training required.

Key Commitments / Tasks - Quality

  • Ensure that the quality and delivery of service at a minimum meets customer requirements and Balmain & Co standards as set out in our IMS (Integrated Management System)
  • Ensure the site team comply with all relevant legislative, Australian and industry standards as set out in Balmain & Co policies and procedures
  • Where necessary participate in the investigation process of non-conformances in conjunction with relevant staff
  • Assist management in ensuring continued improvement of Service delivery
  • Ensure regular testing of materials, visual inspections of work etc. occurs to meet customer requirements

Key Commitments / Tasks – Safety

  • Ensure the site team complies with all relevant legislative, Australian and industry standards as set out in our Integrated Management Manual and the Site Safety & Environmental Management Plan
  • Ensure all relevant policies and procedures developed are implemented and monitored
  • Ensure staff follow all safety requirements for each operation
  • Ensure provision of adequate information, instruction, training and supervision to employees and sub-contractors
  • Display commitment by personal example
  • Follow procedures in the event of an emergency evacuation

Key Commitments / Tasks – Environment

  • Ensure that all delivery of service at a minimum meets customer and legislative requirements as set out in the contract & Balmain & Co Policies & Procedures ensuring minimal impact on the local environment.
  • Assist management in ensuring continued environmental improvement

Key Commitments / Tasks - General

  • Ensure ALL paperwork is up to date & filed
  • Report to the Project Manager(s) all matters having an adverse effect on the project
  • Perform all tasks requested of them by the Project Manager(s)

Principal Accountabilities / KPIs

  • Ensure the project runs to schedule and to budget
  • Ensure all technical and commercial targets are achieved
  • Responsible for providing financial & project reports at monthly intervals to the Project Manager & Commercial Manager
  • Responsible for providing accurate forecast final cost reports, particularly throughout the final 12 months of a project
  • Ensure trades/ suppliers are engaged in a timely manner and to meet program requriements. Committed costs to be updated in Cheops
  • Capturing and submitting head contract variations and Provisional Sum costs
  • Ensure ALL paperwork is up to date & filed
  • Customer feedback from each customer at closeout
  • Evaluation of all subcontractors on project completion

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