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Project Manager – Australia

Location: Australia
Position: Permanent | Full Time
Salary: Negotiated

Scope & Purpose of the Position:

Plans, directs, and coordinates activities of designated project(s) to ensure that goals or objectives of project and of Balmain & Co are accomplished within prescribed time frame and funding parameters by performing the following duties (personally or through subordinates).

Responsibility & Authority

The Project Manager is responsible for the direct
supervision of on-the-job activities of their allocated

Skills and Specifications

  • Have knowledge of and an understanding of all Acts, Regulations and Codes of Practice relating to the Environment, Occupational Health & Safety, Accident Compensation and appropriate sections of the Local Government Act.
  • Understanding of safety, quality control & environmental activities to ensure adherence to the Balmain & Co Integrated Management System (IMS)
  • A good level of education (degree level preferred)
  • Knowledge of construction methods and materials (minimum 5 years previous experience preferred)
  • Good people skills
  • Good time management skills
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Leadership skills
  • Strong & effective oral & written communication

Key Commitments / Tasks – Contracts

  • Manage all aspects of a project from handover (from Estimating) at contract award to completion of the project at the end of the defects liability period.
  • Prepare, control, review & update key documents included but not limited to:
  • – Project Working Budgets (NB: set by Commercial Manager)
    • – Construction Program
    • – Project Risk Assessment and Aspect & impact Register
    • – Construction Management Plans, Quality Management Plans & Site Safety & Environmental Management Plans
    • – Trade Letting Schedules
    • – Construction Methodology
    • – Project Delivery Matrix
    • – Financial aspects of projects
  • Refer all Head Contract negotiations to Director / Commercial Manager
  • Attend Client / Superintendent Head Contract meetings.
  • Issue notices and claims in accordance with the terms and conditions of Head Contract.
  • Ensure all project information is entered into the Cheops system.
  • Develop trade Scope of Work documents
  • Be responsible for the procurement, contract administration and termination of trade suppliers and subcontractors; in accordance with procedures established by the Commercial Manager. Pursue the execution of Formal Instruments of Agreement.
  • Submit trade recommendations for review and sign off by the Director/ Commercial Manager pursuant to the procurement of trade suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Assess subcontractors ability to comply with quality, OHS & environmental requirements
  • Ensure all Head Contract required submissions are issued prior to commencement of the project.
  • Ensure that the insurance and security requirements of projects are satisfied and in place by the time of the project commencement
  • Submit monthly progress claims to reflect works carried out and to optimise monthly cashflow. Pursue and obtain progress certificates.
  • Identify project opportunities.
  • Identify project construction alternatives and instigate value management processes.
  • Submit Head Contract variations and extension of time claims; and pursue their approval and Report to Director / Commercial Manager.
  • 1Monitor, and report to the Director / Commercial Manager on:
    • the financial performance of trade letting against Budget
    • the financial performance of variations
  • Provide monthly final forecast cost reports for review by the Director / Commercial Manager.
  • Be responsible for the quality control of trade suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Be responsible for the management and control of project documentation.
  • Ensure projects are run in accordance with Balmain & Co OH&S, Quality and Environmental requirements (IMS). Assist in induction of new employees into IMS. Report to Director/ Commercial Manager & HSE & Training Coordinator
  • Liaise with Site Manager and control the direction and expenditure of site activities. Maintain project quality.
  • Monitor progress of construction in relation to Construction Program and report to the Director/ Commercial Manager
  • Refer Industrial Relations matters to the Director as they arise.
  • Communicate site resource requirements to the Director
  • Conduct Sub-contractor / supplier evaluation and feedback to Director / Commercial Manager at completion of project.
  • Pursue the return of project Bank Guarantees.
  • Ensure smooth handover of project to the Client, and manage defect rectification works.
  • The Project Manager must have well developed communication and negotiation skills to liaise with clients & subordinates
  • Establish good working relationship with all customers, subcontractors and regulatory authorities
  • Liaise with all levels within Balmain & Co on progress of contract / office for accurate invoicing etc.
  • Direct, supervise & train project team, subcontractors, customers – ensuring communication and implementation of all relevant OH&S, QA & Environmental changes & issues occurring during the Project.
  • Inspect contract site prior to implementation of contract and on completion of contract
  • Ensure records as required by the IMS are up to date (e.g. Hammertech, Aconex)
  • Vet paperwork and/ or electronic records before going to client & office
  • Review project as required and record as such
  • Monitor implementation of Construction Management Plans, Quality Management Plans & Site Safety & Environmental Management Plans and Sub-contractor Site Safety Plans/ SWMS ensuring Balmain & Co approved
  • Ensure good housekeeping on every site is maintained.
  • Assist in the rehabilitation of injured workers
  • Ensure all pre-conditions to practical completion in accordance with the Head Contract are met such that practical completion is achieved on time.
  • Ensure all projects are carried out in accordance with all relevant Authority, legislative, contractual requirements, Australian Standards, Codes of Practice and Balmain & Co policies & procedures

Key Commitments / Tasks - Quality

  • Ensure that the quality and delivery of service at a minimum meets customer requirements and Balmain & Co standards as set out in our IMS (Integrated Management System)
  • Ensure the site team comply with all relevant legislative, Australian and industry standards as set out in Balmain & Co policies and procedures
  • Where necessary participate in the investigation process of non-conformances in conjunction with relevant staff; implement corrective and preventative actions
  • Assist management in ensuring continued improvement of service delivery
  • Obtain client feedback to ascertain client satisfaction with Balmain & Co
  • Purchase through IMS purchasing systems

Key Commitments / Tasks – Safety

  • Ensure the site team complies with all relevant legislative, Australian and industry standards as set out in our IMS
  • Ensure all relevant policies and procedures developed are implemented and monitored
  • Ensure Site Safety & Environmental Management Plan and Construction Management Plan are available & used by site personnel
  • Participate in the development of the Project Risk Assessment and implement controls
  • Ensure Sub-contractors Site Management Plan/ SWMS is approved by Balmain & Co prior to sub- contractor commencing on site.
  • Ensure SWMS are adhered to.
  • Ensure staff follow all safety requirements for each operation
  • Provide and maintain safe plant and systems of work
  • Ensure provision of adequate information, instruction, training and supervision to employees and sub- contractors
  • Provide the same ‘duty of care’ for contractors and employees of contractors
  • Display commitment by personal example
  • Where necessary participate in the investigation process of accidents and incidents in conjunction with relevant staff; implement corrective and preventative actions
  • Follow procedures in the event of an emergency evacuation

Key Commitments / Tasks – General

  • Report to the Director / Commercial Manager on matters relating to the financial and administrative control of projects;
  • Report to the Director/ Commercial Manager on all other project related matters
  • The Project Manager is to perform all tasks requested of them by the Director/ Commercial Manager

Principal Accountabilities / KPIs

  • Responsible for ensuring quality and quantity of production meet scheduled requirements
  • Responsible for maintaining a safe working environment and ensuring staff conform to safety and environmental procedures
  • Responsible for supervising work flow and material usage
  • Responsible for liaison with appropriate person to ensure regular maintenance of plant and equipment and preventative maintenance activities as required – all equipment PPE etc. are available on site as required
  • Responsible to ensure that the flow of jobs is distributed in an orderly manner that achieves the optimum for the teams
  • Responsible to ensure communication and implementation of all relevant OH&S, QA & Environmental changes & issues occurring during the Project (including external communication e.g. with Authorities, incidents and complaints)
  • Responsible to ensure Customer Feedback is sought & received
  • Responsible for providing monthly reporting to the Director/ Commercial Manager
  • Ensure head contracts and subcontracts are administered correctly

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