NexVentur sponsors AFL Ireland Premiership Season 2023
AFL Ireland sponsorship by NexVentur recruitment and relocation specialists

NexVentur renews AFL Ireland Sponsorship as the 2023 Premiership kicks off!

NexVentur renews AFL Ireland Sponsorship as the 2023 Premiership kicks off!

After an exciting 2022 season of the NexVentur AFL Ireland Premiership, we are delighted to announce that NexVentur will be the headline sponsors of season 2023. We have extended our sponsorship to include support of the national men’s and women’s teams, which are excelling in AFL and are reigning European Champions. We hope that our sponsorship will help them prepare for the big AFL international in Australia in 2024.

“The partnership that we have with NexVentur is fantastic,” said Eoin O Sullivan, chairman of AFL Ireland, “because it enables us to book pitches that are of a higher standard, have better quality equipment and have medical equipment.”

The sport has grown significantly in Ireland in the past year, with a large recruitment drive in colleges and this is largely attributed to the sponsorship: “It also means that we can draw new players in,” said Eoin.

“Sponsorship from NexVentur to AFL Ireland is massively valuable to us because not only do we have returning Irish players from Australia and Australian expats, we also have a lot of players playing the sport for the first time who are looking to travel to Australia. So it’s a perfect partnership.”

Aussie Rules Football has really taken off in Ireland in recent years prompted by Australian and Irish players and enthusiasts returning home and starting clubs in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Kildare and Belfast. The international teams have progressed up the European ranks and both the Irish Warriors (men’s international team) and the Irish Banshees (women’s international team) are European Champions.

“For us there is a perfect synergy between NexVentur and AFL Ireland,” said Kenny Feeney, Director of NexVentur, based in Roscommon Town. “It speaks to the heart of what we do. That is, we help people relocate with confidence between Ireland and Australia and home again. Sport and social groups are a major part of feeling settled in your new home and AFL Ireland is a great mechanism for people to put down roots.” To this end, NexVentur has also introduced Irish Connect events for new arrivals in Australia to meet, make friends and find work.

“We have had a lot of players in the last 12 months who have used NexVentur to travel to Australia, get visas sorted and set up with jobs in Australia, flights… its a fantastic fit,” added Eoin. “So if you’re interested in playing AFL, we want you to come to AFL Ireland, if you’re interested in going to Australia, we want you to use our partners. NexVentur is the best route to go.”

Ireland has produced some legendary AFL stars who have been named in the All Australian team. Jim Stynes was on the squad in 1993, then came Marie Keating in 2011, and Orla O’Dwyer was named in the 2022 AFLW All Australian Team.

Starting on 20 May, the NexVentur AFL Ireland Premiership 2023 will be played in Cork, Dublin, Galway and Belfast with a grand final on 16 September 2023. If you’re new to watching the sport and want to know the basics, you can get to know the rules of the game online > watch the video

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