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Save on flights plus get free perks

Save on flights plus get free perks

How do you like the sound of extra luggage free, lounge access, priority boarding? In fact, you could get some really fine treatment for your long-haul flight. NexVentur has partnered with several airlines to bring you special fares on flights plus an array of extras when you’re flying from Ireland or the UK to Australia and vice-versa.

Each of us at NexVentur has relocated at least once in our lives, so we know exactly what you’ll need to smooth the journey. Depending on the flight and airline you choose, when you use NexVentur you can unlock an array of extras that make a long-haul flight so much smoother. With extra luggage allowance per adult FREE on select flights and airlines, you don’t need to choose between flip-flops, high heels, and hiking boots … you can take them all!

You could also unlock a bunch of stress-reducing perks for free, such as priority boarding, lounge access, preferential seat booking, and more!

See all flight savings and benefits you get through NexVentur
  • Save on listed fares
  • Get free extra luggage per adult
  • Free priority boarding
  • Free priority check in

** Note: perks and discounts very between our partner airlines, so please enquire to find out what you qualify for.

How to unlock your NexVentur special flight package

This special flight deal is exclusive to NexVentur and is valid for flights from UK and Ireland to Australia and from Australia to the UK and Ireland. Simply send in your details and we’ll get back to you to assist…

    Your Industry

    What type of work are you looking for?

    Where are you relocating to?

    Do you have a Visa?

    What type of visa applies to you?

    Have you booked flights?

    How NexVentur can help you:

    As recruitment and relocation specialists, NexVentur can assist you in finding the right job plus we’ll help get you there. Our services include:

    • Recruitment in Ireland and Australia
    • Arranging your visas
    • Assisting with professional registrations
    • Flights with extra baggage, priority boarding and lounge access
    • Setting up your overseas bank account
    • Setting up your Australian Tax File Number (TFN) or PPS number
    • Money transfer
    • Irish mortgages
    • Assisting with move logistics
    • Relocation advice – all members of our team have relocated at least once in our lives, so we know how it feels and the challenges you face.

    Book a consultation with our team and let’s help you get started on your next adventure.


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