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We can Help you Secure a Mortgage in Ireland While Living in Australia

We can Help you Secure a Mortgage in Ireland While Living in Australia

Whether you are living in Australia for the long term, moving home, or have already made the move back, we can help you get a mortgage to buy a property in Ireland. Home ownership is a dream for so many and Irish people living and working in Australia may not be aware that they can secure a mortgage in Ireland while still in Australia. At NexVentur, we can help anyone returning to Ireland with a full suite of relocation services, supports, and advice.

In the past, mortgage application rules and regulations meant that getting a mortgage in country you were not resident in was challenging. We are now very pleased to say that by working with our specialist financial advisors, we have identified a way that will allow people living in Australia to get a mortgage in Ireland.

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At NexVentur, meeting your needs will always be our priority and our financial services partners can offer you mortgage help and assistance whether you are living in Ireland or Australia. If you are migrating home in the coming year, this will remove a major headache for anyone in this situation and it means they can even start searching for that dream home in Ireland before they step on the plane.

In fact, NexVentur can now advise you on all aspects of Financial Services if you are planning on making a move home. From insurance and bank accounts to savings and much more, we can help make sure you have all your financial services in order well before you arrive back.

“This partnership offers so many people living in Australia the opportunity to help them buy a property in Ireland and we are very happy to work with NexVentur to provide this tailored service to their customers”

Denis Bastick

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