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What you need to know about renting in Australia

What you need to know about renting in Australia

Renting in Australia can be a bun fight. The rental market is a tight squeeze at the moment. Prices vary significantly from one city to the next and letting agents can pick and choose. But the good news is, there’s a path to successfully securing a rental. Follow these tips.

The cheapest and most expensive cities to rent an apartment in Australia

Depending on the are you choose, rental prices vary from good value to astronimical. Sydney accommodation is notoriously pricey while other cities such as Perth, Adelaide and Darwin, are offer better value for money.  The average rental prices for an apartment per week by city are:

  • Adelaide – $443
  • Melbourne – $504
  • Darwin – $505
  • Hobart – $505
  • Perth $505
  • Brisbane – $523
  • Canberra – $585
  • Sydney – $648

*Property price data from CoreLogic

The main property sites for buying and renting in Australia

There are lots of property sites in Australia offering rental accommodation. These are some of the big ones:

Just as an aside, if you are looking at buying a property in Australia, and want to know values and details of a property you’re interested in, is a good site to start your research.

Creating a rental CV/resume

The first step is to fill in a 1form, which is like a rental CV. The great thing about this is that you enter your details once and then save them. Your details then pre-populate all rental applications, making it easy to apply with just the click of a button.
We recommend getting this done before applying for a house or apartment as it spends up the process. You can set up your 1form online.

Documents needed for renting

You will need the following in order to apply for a rental:

  • Proof of income – your last three pay slips
  • Employment contract – this may be required by some letting agencies
  • Proof of identity – two different photo IDs (such as passport and driver’s license)
  • References – an employer reference and a reference from a previous landlord (if you have rented in the past)
  • Upfront payment – you will need to be able to pay a bond (deposit) upfront, which is usually the equivalent to one month’s rent, plus the first month’s rent.
How to ensure you get your deposit back

Rental agents and landlords in Australia are notoriously picky about the way you leave a property when you’re moving out. The slightest issue and they will withhold your deposit.

  • Be meticulous about your snag list when you move in. Detail every blemish and fault, and take photos. Usually the agent will go through the property with you, but don’t stop there… do your own thorough list and forward to the agent.
  • When you move out, a once-over with the broom and mop won’t do. We recommend a deep clean – get in a professional if this isn’t your forte.
Moving to Perth? Get extra help finding a rental and settling in

NexVentur partners with Journee, a niche relocation and destination services agency. They are brilliant at assisting with rentals. They will do all the legwork for you, including sourcing the properties, viewing them for suitability and they’ll share viewings online, so if you’re not yet in Australia, you can pick and choose and have a rental sorted befoe you even leave home.

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