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Relocating from Australia home to Ireland – Rebecca Golden’s story

Relocating from Australia home to Ireland – Rebecca Golden’s story

Meet Rebecca Golden, the EHS lead at MCi in Manorhamilton. After graduating as a civil engineer, she made the move to Australia. Four years later, after gaining a wealth of career and life experience, she moved back home to the picturesque town of Manorhamilton in north Leitrim. Here’s her story…

Making the big leap from Ireland to Perth

Once I qualified as a Civil Engineer, I decided to relocate to Perth, Western Australia. I was very lucky to get a job with Water Corporation on their Graduate Programme and spent each year in a different department doing different roles. That added great skills to my CV so that when I was moving home and looking for work, a lot of companies were interested in the experience I had to offer.

Returning home to Ireland from Australia

After four years in Australia, I was ready to make the move back home. Myself and my now husband were planning to get married, so we wanted to settle down close to family. It was difficult being away making long term plans because you always had in the back of your mind “If we move” or “When we move,” so deciding to move home allowed us to look to the future, make long term plans for a home, family, and work.

The challenges of moving home to Ireland

There was probably nothing challenging about moving home, except the Irish weather; but I grew up here so it’s what I’m used to. That said, the heat in Australia was also difficult at times, so there’s a plus and a minus to it.

Also, it was tough leaving a great job that I had there, but I came back and got a great job here, so I’m happy.

What it’s like working at MCi

Working here at MCI is great. I was very lucky that when I was a student, I worked here during the summer. I really liked it, liked the people and the environment in general. I always thought “Hmm, I’d like to work here someday in the future.” Here I am.

The people here are really dedicated and talented. There is great opportunity for learning and development. For example, I was given the opportunity to study a Health and Safety degree part time. There are many more opportunities available, such as part time study and apprenticeships.

What we do here at MCI is quite unique in Ireland and even though I’ve been working here for four years now, the level of automation still kind of blows my mind, it’s very interesting. I came to MCI from a construction background, so I was a little worried about the change to manufacturing, but I love it. It’s a very hands-on working environment and all levels work together as a unit.

I would highly recommend MCI as a workplace. Working at MCI you have the opportunities that come with working for a large global organisation, but then here at site level, we’re a much smaller group, very independent and close knit. The team here are very dedicated, and talented, and there’s lots to be learnt here.

Loving life in Manorhamilton

Manorhamilton is a great location, we are close to a lot of bigger towns and cities like Sligo, Enniskillen, and Carrick on Shannon. There’s decent enough public transport to get you to Dublin, or Belfast, or wherever else you want to go. There’s lots to do locally, it depends on your interests. Scenic wise, it’s beautiful. Myself, I’m into Gym and Fitness. There is a great Gym in the town, lots of other clubs like Basketball, Football and a nice local community as well.

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