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Visa requirements for relocating to Ireland

Visa requirements for relocating to Ireland

If you’re thinking of moving to Ireland from a non-EEA country, there are a few things you need to know. We have compiled a series of fact sheets on the following for you to download.

Irish General Employment Permits & Working Visas

In this guidebook you will find information on the most important aspects of moving to Ireland

  • Requirements for entry to Ireland
  • Required documents for an employment permit application
  • Restrictions for employment permit application
  • Employment permit processing timelines
  • Employment permit FAQ
  • VISA processing timelines
  • What is INIS/GNIB?
  • Document requirements for IRP card application
  • IRP card & PPSN FAQ

Download the guide here: NexVentur Step-by-step guide to Visas for Ireland

How long will it take to get a work visa for Ireland?

There are two timelines for getting your work visa. If you are applying from your home country, it is important to know that visas and work permits can take between 2 to 14 weeks depending on the country you’re applying from.

If you are already in Ireland, the timeline is shorter, typically between two to six weeks.

Download our guide on timelines for processing visas for Ireland. *Note, these times may vary depending on individual circumstances.

Nexventur Work Permit and Work Visa Processing Timeline for Ireland

How long does it take to get a Critical Skills Work Permit for Ireland

The processing time for Critical Skills permits depends on how you go about the application. Here is a comparison guide for applications by companies, individuals and if you go through NexVentur with our preferred visa partner.

Download the timeline and to-do list NexVentur Processing times for Critical Skills Work Permit for Ireland

In addition to visas, remember NexVentur can assist you with all aspects of your move to Ireland

  • Irish jobs (construction and admin)
  • PPS Number
  • Setting up an Irish bank account
  • Irish mortgages
  • Secure money transfer
  • Contents of home shipping
  • Pet relocation
  • Flights (from Australia only)
  • Vehicle import
  • Logistics advice

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