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7 Mistakes people make when moving to Australia

7 Mistakes people make when moving to Australia

There’s a lot of misinformation on the net and social media about relocating to Australia that can catch you out. Take note of these common mistakes and assumptions people make.

1. Falling prey to rental and visa scams

Beware! The Australian rental market is full of scammers, so proceed carefully. There are also visa and immigration scammers – anyone requiring money that guarantees your visa will definitely be approved is likely not to be trusted.

2. Underestimating the Australian rental market

People are often surprised by the rental market in Australia. In popular cities there is high pressure on rentals. The cost of renting in Sydney can be comparable to Dublin. Similarly, there’s a long queue of people lining up to rent each property. Outside of Sydney it gets more affordable and easier to find good rentals and value. Follow these useful tips on renting in Australia.

3. Missing an opportunity to get your Australian tax back

Don’t forget to keep a record of work expenses and claim back superannuation when returning to Ireland. You can claim back tax for expenses related to work, such as tools and equipment, white cards for construction workers, work travel expenses, etc. You can also claim your superannuation once you’ve returned to Ireland. Depending on how long you have lived in Australia, this can be a sizeable chunk of money, and we find people commonly use it to put toward a deposit for a house on their return to Ireland.

4. Neglecting to choose a dedicated currency exchange provider

There is a lot of global fraud and it’s important to use an accredited forex company for money transfer to ensure your money gets to where it needs to safely. There are too many stories of transfers going missing. While Revolut is popular, it’s not the safest route and you could experience difficulty tracking money if it goes missing. The bigger the amount you need to transfer, the greater the risk. It is free to create a forex account with companies such as OFX and you have the benefit of 24/7 personal service and secure transactions.

5. Buying a plane ticket before your visa for Australia is approved

Even if you’re after a Working Holiday Visa and you think you tick all the boxes, it is still not a given that you will get a visa for Australia. Only buy your plane ticket once your visa is approved. After that, you can book flights. NexVentur offers flight deals that include discounts and free perks for long-haul travellers.

6. Moving without finalising your professional registration

Before you leave home, register qualifications with the relevant Australian employment department for professions such as teaching and nursing. There are expenses for this: APHRA registration for nurses for example is $800 – $900, a teacher is about $200 depending on the state.

7. Assuming that moving house is too expensive

You don’t need to choose between taking it all or leaving everything behind. What people often don’t know is that you don’t need to fill a container, you can buy space by the cubic metre in a shared container, which works out much more cost-effective. NexVentur partners with Palmers Relocations based in Australia for relocations anywhere in the world, including Ireland. It really does help settling in to a new country if you have familiar and personal things with you. Through this partnership you can also move your pets and export your vehicle.

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